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Technically, this is from Editing Mode. Crayola markers are very helpful…

Hello. I’m Rose Arrowsmith DeCoux, and this is an experiment.

I’m a writer, actress and creative midwife (like a coach for artists, emphasizing intuition and encouragement).

I’ve often thought of sharing a book as I write it. And thought that was way too scary, too much pressure to write when I say I’m going to write… and a super cool, exhilarating idea.

I hope you’ll read regularly and enjoy the story.

The purpose of sharing as I go is twofold: To have someone to write to, and to have  accountability for daily writing.

Encouragement is welcome!Specific compliments are welcome! Curious I-want-to-know-more questions are welcome! Suggestions, editing notes and criticism are not welcome.

Why? Because I fully subscribe to Julia Cameron‘s mantra that when something is new the artist is in Creative Mode; Editing Mode comes later. I also know from my long experience as a storyteller and coach that Doug Lipman’s feedback method of compliments first works really, really well. And since I often tell myself, a la Ann Lamott, to write a terrible first draft I’m not attempting perfection (though, like anyone, I’m secretly wishing for it).

Thanks for visiting. I hope you’ll also check out my book, “The Marvelous Imagination of Katie Addams.



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