Chapter Summaries- Book II


Book Two begins in the middle of summer in Lizzie’s home village, a year after she disappeared with a rumored nobleman, and 2-3 months after her husband, Bluebeard, threw himself from the castle tower.


Lizzie Borden, around age 17. Suspiciously widowed.


Snicket, her mule.

Old Woman, below the well.


Ch 1: The Widow Witch

Lizzie’s return to her village after her husband’s death has not been easy. After her ill mother dies things only grow more tense with the villagers. When Lizzie packs her mule and leaves they accuse her of being a witch. She’s only a little surprised when the mule takes her to the ‘Witch’s Cottage’ of her childhood games.

Ch 2: The World Below the Well

Lizzie uncovers a forgotten memory: she fell down the ‘wishing well’ and into a strange land with talking apple trees and loaves of bread, and an old, old woman who could do magic. When she was pulled out of the well with a pocket of silver, the villagers panicked. Her mother didn’t believe her, and her father died of his injuries that night.